A List Of Inspiring Topics For A College Synthesis Essay

In order to write a college synthesis essay, you will need to digest information before presenting the info in a background synthesis. The goal of the synthesis essay is to combine your ideas with other writer’s ideas. This type of essay usually comprises of one or more sources. For instance, you can write about something that you have read in the news.

Before you can draw the relationship between two sources, you will need to understand what your sources had to say and come up with a summary. You will also need to diverge from the summary so as to be able to give your views based on what you have critically read from the source.

Also, there are different kinds of synthesis essays you must make a note of before choosing the topic. The most popular ones are reviews, argumentative synthesis, and background synthesis.

Here are some outstanding topics that you can choose for your college synthesis essay.

  • Do colleges put too much of emphasis on standardized test scores?
  • Should smoking cigarettes be banned in college?
  • Are standardized test scores the best means to test the competency level of the college students?
  • When is the best time that the parents should let the teens to make their own decisions?
  • Are we teens way too much dependent on computerized devices?
  • Is there a need to increase or decrease the alcohol drinking age?
  • Is age really a prominent factor in relationships?
  • What is the most appropriate age for dating?
  • Has the college admission become too competitive in the recent times?
  • What are your views on the college cost in the recent times?
  • Is fashion really important in college?
  • Should college goers be allowed to grade their professors?
  • How far do you believe that participating in sports can keep teens out of mental anxiety?
  • Do you think beauty pageants are exploitative?
  • How dangerous are mobile phones?
  • How far can access to condoms prevent pregnancy?
  • What are your views on the taxation system?
  • Do you think that cheating is really out of control?
  • Should men be allowed to take paternity leave from work?
  • Do parents have any clue regarding child predators on the web?
  • What are your views on the governments having a say on our diet?

Therefore, the list of topics that you can write your synthesis essay on is almost unlimited. If you are finding it difficult to create a topic, you can choose one of these.