25 Sample College Essay Writing Prompts To Consider

When it comes to thinking of good essay writing prompts for a college essay, you can use brainstorming techniques and look at sample papers to give you some ideas, or simply buy a paper online. However, to make life easier for you when it comes to thinking of writing prompts for your college essay, you may wish to use one of the 25 sample topics and titles listed below. In fact, not only can you use the following college essay writing prompts verbatim, but you can adapt them to suit your needs as well.

  1. How do engineers develop cars that are capable of breaking the land speed record?
  2. Compare and contrast the electoral system in the United Kingdom and the United States and the way in which leaders are voted into power
  3. How did the gold standard system work?
  4. How is mold created on food and is it always poisonous or toxic?
  5. How to vaccinations work and are they dangerous?
  6. compare and contrast an monopoly and an oligarchy in relation to economic marketplaces
  7. the history of the modern Olympic games
  8. Is FIFA a corrupt organization?
  9. What is nanotechnology and how will it be used in the future?
  10. How does a computer keyboard work?
  11. Will typing be a redundant skill in the future?
  12. How does Wi-Fi work?
  13. How does someone become a priest?
  14. How much is the Catholic Church worth and how much money does it bring in on an annual basis?
  15. Has technology improved sports?
  16. What impact has the Internet had on piracy and how has this affected the earnings of major music and film production companies?
  17. How to electric cars work and will they be more efficient in the future?
  18. Discuss the modern day science and medical improvements that may one day cure blindness
  19. Do science and religion have a place together in modern day society?
  20. Do movie stars and forestalls get paid too much money?
  21. What can be done to tackle childhood obesity and is it financially worth spending money today to tackle more could be a major problem tomorrow?
  22. What role do zoos play in the conservation of endangered animals?
  23. How are new species of animals identified and classified?
  24. Discuss the computing power and other technology that was used to take man to the moon for the first time
  25. Should business leaders have a salary-cap based on a multiple of the earnings of the lowest paid employees within the company that the business leader is in charge of?