Education In India

Each country has its own set standard for education. One country may not allow females to even attend school while it is a requirement in other countries. This article is going to cover the education system in India.

India Education Programs

  • Free public school for children ages 6-14
  • Academic Focus
  • India traditional school versus international schools
  • School months from June to March
  • Longer admissions process

These are just some of the key points of education in India. There are programs for children 18 months to 3 years of age, these are very similar to day care centers. Kindergarten is split into two different classes; ages 3 through 4 are in the lower kindergarten classes while ages 4 through 5 attend upper kindergarten.

Schools in India focus on academic subjects. Extracurricular activities are few and far between. Some schools have no extracurricular programs at all. India focuses on competitive testing instead of competitive sports. This is one advantage to attending the India schools. There are international schools parents can opt to send their children to. The international schools differ from the traditional India education by mixing the educational culture from other countries. There are several educational options to choose from including private schools with a traditional India educational system.

Education institutions in India also have a different period for summer vacation than other countries. Students attend school from June to March and have their summer break during April and May. In the Unites States of America, the summer months are generally June to August or September. The demand for children to attend the top private schools is so high, the admissions process takes at least six months. These schools offer the highest of educational value; however, with a low budget the school can only accommodate a few of the students wishing to attend. Expanding the schools would require a budget raise and more teachers to be present. India lacks in educational instructors and the budget to hire on more teachers.

The education system in India is very different than schools in the United States of America. Our school budgets are much higher than those in India. Students begin their education around 18 months of age, when the get to high school they begin training for their career path. The education system is very academic and lacks extracurricular activities for the students; instead, India uses a strictly academic curriculum.